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As a medium able to embrace complexity and diversity, radio can be a form for socio-political articulation. It is still the most used medium for communication, especially in remote area like in the Amazons. With Archipel Stations we have proven that radio is powerful in « crosscasting » different languages, formats, backgrounds and modes of thinking. Composing sonically and spatially with radio emphasizes its dynamic architectures, rebellious to borders and other similar human impositions.
Archipel Stations is a nomadic and collaborative online / FM / microFM radio, based on the open participation of a worldwide community, and collaborations with other radio and curatorial projects such as Aporee Radio, Datcha radio, Cola Bora Dio or Savvy Contemporary. Archipel is aural aula of diversity, where the relational and the politics of Aurality play between virtual and physical, space and place, self and environment.