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vibrational affects & percepts          

          aural ecologies 

Niko de Paula Lefort (a.k.a. nikoLFO and Nicolas Lefort) is a musician and sound artist based in Berlin.  In his work he articulates complex aural relational systems and their psychophysiological echoes from within harmonic spaces, geophonies and biophonies, and spectrumscape, by mean of microtonality, field recordings and radio transmission, weaving the fields of electroacoustic music, interaction design and instrument building for composition, performance and installation purposes. de Paula Lefort works outward from these sounding situated knowledges to articulate a comprehensible Aurality, a new perspective on vibrational affects and percepts.

Upcoming / current           


preorder: AURALITY -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329” - 12" vinyl / digital (famous grapes recordings)

with an outstanding artwork from Elsa Laurent, this collaboration with Famous Grapes Recordings presents my sound work at the crossroads between field recordings, harmonic space and time lag accumulation with modular synthesis, recorded in Brazil last year. An immersion into fine tuning with the environment and with the tone, their intimate / global relations through listening.

> physical straigh from FGR / 20seconds or digital on BC.

          Radio Gardening (Plateau Flusser)

FLUSSER 100+ | 12.05.2021

On Wednesday May 12th we participate on the Festival Flusser 100+ performing the radio environment Plateau Flusser, a performative radio and archive experiment that cross-references spatially and generatively content from the Vilem Flusser Archive audio collection. The system will be set up at the Vilém Flusser Archive in Berlin and presented as a radio performance, in which Vilem Flusser plural and multifarious aural presence is staged through the dynamism of electromagnetic material and bodily interactions.

Selected projects           

Radio Gardening

with Monaí de Paula Antunes

Radio gardening is a radiophonic environment, mixing heterogeneous content, formats and traditions of radio- making within radio’s own material complexity. Playing on the material-semiotic features of FM transmission, Radio Gardening entangles bodies in space with the immediate electromagnetic environment, sonic archive and live aural material.

Aurality: The Eternal Music Machine

The Eternal Music Machine composition series is based on our research on the harmonic space, the vibrational affects and percepts enabled by tonal relations. The series originated in both our practice of Dhrupad singing and our research on early american minimalism.

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