Based in Berlin, Niko de Paula Lefort works as sound artist. His practice covers the fields of music making - composition and improvisation with guitar, voice, electronics, percussion, radio and various sounding objects -, instrument building, field recording and radio art installation. Also known as nikoLFO, he is a resident host on Archipel Stations Community Radio and co-founder of record labels Portals Editions and Archipel Editions.
De Paula Lefort’s work has appeared in commissions for CTM Festival, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Berghain, Bergen Assembly and the Haus der elecktronischen Künste Basel. He appears on Archipel Editions, Famous Grapes, Emitter Micro, Portals Editions and aufnahme+wiedergabe record labels. He holds degrees in Visual Arts, Generative Art / Computational Art, Music Technology and Experimental Sound Practices.

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coming up
31.04.23 > Sheets DJ set (with ex-sheets bandmate Sebastian Faeth) @ Trixter with Tony Elieh, Pisitakun, Earth Logoff, skipaction
05.23 > Chaosmos - mending the fabric of life - acoustic tour DE-BE-FR-CH-PO
24.05.23 > The Most Unusual Thing (w/ Sara Persico & Tony Elieh) @ Hosek Contemporary, Berlin DE