AURAL MAPS #6 in which we invite Berlin based improvisors JD Zazie, Tony Elieh and nikoLFO to radiate between bookshelves some live electronics and field recordings from around the world at Zabriskie bookshop, to later on seat and talk about the secret cinema room of the library of Alexandria
Aired / streamed on Archipel Stations 30.11.2021

AuralMaps#6_walkthrough [︎=sound ︎=info]
︎ Tony Elieh solo - prepared electric bass / electronics
︎ JD Zazie + nikoLFO duo - CDJs / Modular synth
︎ JD Zazie + Tony Elieh + nikoLFO trio

︎ interview with artist Manfred Naescher about his book Der geheime Kinosaal der Bibliothek von Alexandria (und andere Bilder) on the occasion of his collaboration with nikoLFO for the radio piece with readings from the book