Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329”

Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329” is an array of sonic encounters that floats and wavers above the pliable junction of experimental electronics and field recording research.

The first release by French artist Niko de Paula Lefort (also known as nikoLFO) for Famous Grapes Recordings reflects on the relationship between bioacoustics and harmonic space; it explores the effects of Time Lag Accumulation, a tape looping technique developed by Terry Riley and Pauline Oliveros through their pioneering work in the 1960s.

Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329” was recorded at the Fazendinha, or Little Farm, near Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Augmenting past inquiries into the materiality of sound and its role in mediating experience and transmitting knowledge, de Paula Lefort surveys the consonant properties of the region’s biophony. According to field recordist Bernie Krause, biophony is the aural character of all living organisms in a particular geographic area. Aurality -20°10’45.3176” -044°04’01.4329” is a two-sided exploit of a 24-hour period radiating out of dawn and dusk. Divided further, each cyclical procession yields a new orchestra of natural sonic phenomena.

artwork by Elsa Laurent