“All of the naked artefacts of Niko LFO’s source instrument (no-input mixer) are present – clicks, pops, high-frequency squeals, low-end hums – but they have been so carefully analysed and selected that the reconstructed composition transports us to a place completely inverted from its improvised beginnings.
The result is a beautifully coherent and original piece – ‘onkyo’ improv meets musique concrète – or East meets West, if you will. As Niko LFO masterfully moves sounds around the quadrophonic system, he also reinvigorates perspectives on the no-input mixer as a rich and varied sound source.”
Hanz ■ Memorial is a generative music app on concrete USB pendrive and an immersive quadraphonic live performance
exploring the haptic qualities of sound matter: how sound waves touch, move and transform physical bodies.
The composition is modular, using blocks of aural matter of different weights, dimensions, energy and momentum, actualized in the relational system of influence at stake between listener and listening space.
The piece is a commission of Emitter Micro and benefited from a residency at Emitter Micro's studio in September 2013.
It was released on Emitter Micro as an executable app together with a selection of short pieces by Hans Nibler on a concrete made USB drive, available here.
Technical supports along the process of composition were provided by Pierce Warnecke and Baptiste Caramiaux. The concrete USB drives were manufactured at KIXBERLIN.