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Radio Otherwise: listening, ecologies and cybernetics

From Tuesday 29.6.2021 12:00 until 06:00 of the following day (CET) we broadcast our special program Radio Otherwiseorganized by Kate Donovan and Monai de Paula Antunes, together with Patrique Degen, Manuel Hoffmann, Dominika Majstrowicz, Giacomo Marinsalta, Jann Rasmus Petersen, Sophie Warmbrunn and Johanna Weber.
We will stream live from Berlin summer outdoors along with trees, concrete, frogs, bees, hums buzzes and bells, wood and woods, and many other hosts and guests. Radio Otherwise is an extension of a seminar taking place since April 2021 at the Uni Potsdam, in which participants explored the plurality of experiences involved in radio-making in connection to ecological thinking experimenting with different sound technologies and radio ecologies, with a special consideration for radio-making as a collective practice and shared listening experience.
Special thanks to Prinzessinengarten Moritzplatz, Gartenarbeitschule Wedding, Gilly Karjevsky, Rosario Talevi, Eliza Chojnacka, Hannah Lu, Niko de Paula Lefort, Nica Bue, Felicity Mangan, Martin Howse, Constantin Engelmann and Till Boverman (PLONK), and Martin Kuentz.
image credits: Dominika Majstrowicz and Giacomo Marinsalta
12:30Live performance by Patrique Degen
13:00Kochen und Giessen
13:30Ohne Titel
15:15In Circular Motion - hop on to the orbital railway Berlin
15:30Ambivalent situation
18:00Radio Otherwise
19:00Live Performance by Niko de Paula Lefort
19:30Places and Placelessness
20:30Shit Platypus Says
22:00Aural Maps
01:00calle tus ojos - shut up your eyes