sensible fields (2022)
a collaboration between Silvia Noronha & Niko de Paula Lefort
Site-specific installation (microFM radio environment, various materials - wood, metal, stone etc.)

In the installation work sensible fields, Silvia Noronha & Niko de Paula Lefort deal with the interrelation between materials and their environment, and how they “perceive” it. In this context, different materials – stones, sand, shells, plastics, earth, metal, electronics and glass – are understood as individual and social entities that influence their environment and whose connections shape the space that surrounds them. Toa follow this basic assumption, the artists install a performative radio transmission ecosystem that recognizes this network of relationships, as well as changes within it, and translates it to sound. sensible fields thus becomes an immersive environmental experience for viewers, as they themselves become part of these interrelationships and are invited to engage with their own position and activity in the space.

Through movement — as viewers are invited to actively participate — vibration and oscillation, the relationships between the various material units are activated and changed. In this process, the electromagnetic environment, which is not visible to the eye, is both tool and material, because environmental information is transported through it in the form of frequencies that make the network of relationships within the space possible in the first place.

Finally, sensible fields is also an observation of everyday being, in which we are continuously situated in a material community with our surroundings.