The Wheel

From The Wheel, Shaddah Tuum's debut LP, emerges a path of transformation and transfiguration of the self - where identity splits into quantum particles, inwardly spiraling invocations of time, desire, power, and myth - towards a transcendent awakening. The album departs from the noise techno endeavours of their 2014 EP, building upon tentacular influences from diverse ethnomusicological sources and mystical readings. The Wheel is a monstrous sonic creature, kin to our collective cyborg-spiritual becoming.  

The overall structure of Shaddah Tuum’s LP echoes progressive states of metaphysical change while its title refers to the Buddhist/Hindu concept of life in the karmic cycle of Samsara, as well as the tenth arcana of the tarot deck, the Wheel Of Fortune: the frozen frame of time-space awaiting the slightest trigger to pursue its path of flowing mutations. Diffracted by Kabbalistic and Buddhist scriptures, the lyrics are inspired by media philosopher Vilém Flusser’s The History of the Devil. Flusser’s book invokes the seven deadly sins as a lens for the dissection and disillusionment of Western socio-cultural constructs.