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In 2020 Aural Maps relayed Comme A La Radio, the show on durational music, on Archipel Stations for focus into my research on Aurality, with a performative anker into the moment. Presented as a quaterly 3 hours live show, Aural Mapsis  a sonic journey with stories been told-untold through cross-references and relations across aural ecologies.

_chapter 1_ in which we learn from occitan folk songs, listen carefully, silently in kissa bars, meet spirits from across Brazil cosmologies, travel to the moon and back, to Brazil, cross the harmonic space to finally get stuck in a transcendental degradation loop
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︎ Hart Brut :: La Nòvia - Le Temps Tranquille - Couleur de patience
︎ La Nòvia | Hart Brut ︎ Le premier jour de noce, enregistré par Jean Dumas auprès de Marie Soulier, à Mans en Haute-Loire, le 21 février 1960 ︎ Kissa: Listening Bars of the Month of Contemporary Music | label showcases
︎ Jessica Ekomane - Multivocal - Solid Of Revolution
︎ Francisco Lopez - Untitled #360 - movement 1 ︎ 20 Seconds magazine issue#2 | presentation by editor Tim Isherwood ︎ Hibridos, The Spirits Of Brazil - A poetic and cinematic research into spirituality and its music in Brazil | project by Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon, Petites Planètes
︎ Hibridos, The Spirits Of Brazil - for 20 Seconds - Vincent Moon
︎ Live session from Xberg Berlin with Solar Panels On The Moon
︎ Live session from Xberg Berlin with nikoLFO / Aurality
︎ Announce Of Harmonic Space festival 2020
︎ Shade/Gradient - Catherine Lamb
︎ The Consummation Of Right & Wrong - David First
︎ Degradation Loops - Jasmine Guffond

_chapter2_ in which we follow Fodéba Keita and the Ballets Africains in their panafrican journey, receive Postal Pieces from the Harmonic Space people, take a walk through a radio garden, meet occitan birds and poets blowing down walls, and get enlighted by the joint endeavours of troubadours and Sufi poets
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︎ Gamelan Son Of Lion’s Gamelan in the New World Part1
︎ Ballets Africains - Silo: The Path Of Life | Call To Festival
︎ Les Ballets AfricainsFodéba Keita | Lecture of Aube Africaine, poem by Fodéba Keita︎ Harmonic Space Festival 2020 audio documention | James Tenney’s Postal Pieces
︎ James Tenney interview by Walter Zimmermann in Desert Plants (1975/2020)
︎ IV. KOAN for Malcolm Goldstein – 8/16/71 | Marc Sabat (violin)
︎ Quintext : Five Textures for String Quartet and Bass (1972) | James Tenney
︎ Soundwalk through Radio Gardening installation at Savvy Contemporary, Berlin ︎ interview with Monaí de Paula Antunes about Radio Gardening installation
︎ Familhas, web documentary on recent occitan tradition genealogy
︎ Cocanha - Cotelon
︎ Jéricho - video, excerpt from De Dreit Nien
︎ Excerpts from an interview with Clément Gauthier (Jéricho) for the web documentary Familhas on the website of the COMDT Toulouse-Occitanie: ︎ la Vengeance du Trépassé (Denise Barré) song’s atypical thematic / link to troubadours sang poetry / collectes (field recordings) / relation between notions of mystical ecstasy in Arab music and amorous ecstasy in troubadours poetry
︎ Mystical loving extase in Sufi poetry with Farid Al-Din Attar & Rumi | lecture Farid Al-Din Attar, Conférence des Oiseaux (Conference Of The Birds)
︎ Catherine Christer Hennix - Blues Alif Lam Mim In The Modes Of Rag Infinity/ Rag Cosmosis

_chapter 3_ in which we make kin with sonic monsters from Mali and Java, deep dive in modern cathartic rituals, surface in the occitan sky towards spiritual ecstasy with the Coltranes, and, back to Mali via the Amazon, pay tribute to Yehia le marabout 
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︎ Balani Show Super Hits: Electronic Street Parties from Mali
︎︎ The Power of Drums: Jaipong Bajidoran Between Karawang and Subang on Aural Archipelago
︎ Audrey Chen - Untraining The Ear | Listening Session N°2 | Live performance recording @ Savvy Contemporary
︎ (background) Lost Shadows: In Defence Of The Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual) recorded by David Toop in 1978
︎ live session from Centro Negra, Blanca Spain - nikoLFO
︎ collectes (field recordings) | violoneuse / violoneux | web documentary Violon Populaire en Massif Central
︎ La Nòvia -  Le soleil ni même la lune - C'est un soldat de 28 ans / Rigodon à Patacol
︎ Léon Peyrat - Bourrée de Saint-Salvador (from web documentary Violon Populaire en Massif Central) 
︎ Mazurka Mariton d’Alfred Mouret - Brice Rivet (from web documentary Violon Populaire en Massif Central)
︎ Alice Coltrane - Blue Nile
︎ John Coltrane - A Love Supreme Part 4: Psalm ︎ Lost Shadows: In Defence Of The Soul (Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual) recorded by David Toop in 1978Caberima night insects, birds and moths
︎ Super Onze de Gao - enregistrés pour Yehia le marabout