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In 2020 Aural Maps relayed Comme A La Radio, the show on durational music, on Archipel Stations.
A non-linear narrative exploration of Aurality throughout sounds, stories and interviews. Aurality is a concept describing the techniques, modalities, embodiments and effects of information 'carried on' or 'engraved in' sound waves and vibrations. The journey will lead us from outer space frequencies captured by giant telescopes to bioacoustics of our planet, from sound artists musique concrète to imagined ecosystems, from oral traditions to radiophony.
Presented as a quaterly 3 hours show, often with live performances.

_AuralMaps#1 in which we learn from occitan folk songs, listen carefully, silently in kissa bars, meet spirits from across Brazil cosmologies, travel to the moon and back, to Brazil, cross the harmonic space to finally get stuck in a transcendental degradation loop

_AuralMaps#2 in which we follow Fodéba Keita and the Ballets Africains in their panafrican journey, receive Postal Pieces from the Harmonic Space people, take a walk through a radio garden, meet occitan birds and poets blowing down walls, and get enlighted by the joint endeavours of troubadours and Sufi poets

_AuralMaps#3 in which we make kin with sonic monsters from Mali and Java, deep dive in modern cathartic rituals, surface in the occitan sky towards spiritual ecstasy with the Coltranes, and, back to Mali via the Amazon, pay tribute to Yehia le marabout 

_AuralMaps#4 in which we listen to arboreal matters, discuss decentralized electronics and Roma music, hang out at Café Aman, get transported by the beauty of out-of-time / out-of-place improvisation, learn about equivalencies in the vibrational multiverse and anti-gravitational voices, and are teared appart by other voices, from the psyche and from the Andes