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My artistic research on Aurality promotes diversity and inclusion in knowledge making models, with focus on music, sound, and vibrational structures and epistemologies formed by the interaction with the environment and with others in relation. It refers to sounding situated knowledges, acoustemologies and vibrational affect theory.

chapters of Aurality

_The Eternal Music Machine | harmonic space, early american minimalis, Buchla 200 | electroacoustic composition | 2019

_-20°10'45.3176" -044°04'01.4329" | harmonic space, biophony (field recording), ground loop frequency (60Hz) | Time Lag Accumulation | electroacoustic composition | 2020-21
_Aural Maps | performative documentation | live radio show | 2020-

_Radio Gardening | FM radio ecosystem | installation, multichannel performance, electroacoustic composition | 2020-21

_Earth Loop | harmonic space, biophony (field recording), ground loop frequency (60Hz / 50Hz) | electroacoustic composition | in progress