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Since late 2018, our engagement with sound materiality and listening agency goes under the aula of Aurality. Aurality embraces the diversity and multiplicity of approaches toward sound that cares for its relational functions, in its ontology and through listening agency, underlining its psycho-physiological aspects and ecological implications. Aurality is the experimental study of vibrational affects and percepts, a processual mapping of sound-unsound-listening spaces, engaging with the fields of psychoacoustics, bioacoustics, tonality, radio trasnmission, ethnomusicology, media theory and more.

_chapters of Aurality: Aurality <> The Eternal Music Machine | harmonic space, early american minimalis, Buchla 200 | electroacoustic composition | 2019
Aurality <> -20°10'45.3176" -044°04'01.4329" | harmonic space, biophony (field recording), Time Lag Accumulation | electroacoustic composition | 2020 Aurality <> Earth Loop | harmonic space, biophony (field recording), ground loop frequency (60Hz / 50Hz) | electroacoustic composition | 2020
Aurality <> Aural Maps | performative documentation | radio show | W.I.P. 
Aurality <> House Of Sounds | on electromagnetic space, FM transmission and harmonic space | installation, multichannel performance electroacoustic composition | W.I.P.